Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Um, so I haven't posted in a while. I did suspect I would have commitment issues. I like to read blogs more that I like to write my own, I think. I don't think I'm really a 'work in progress' blogger, either. I can't think of enough to say about things to sustain multiple posts on them, so this may be more of an infrequent finished object type blog. Yes, that makes me feel better.

Having said all that, here's a WIP (oh dear). I've been looking at some of the lovely lace shawl patterns that seem to float around in blogland and have wanted to have a crack at them. Then I saw that a very clever blogger had designed one just for me! Ok, maybe not me specifically, but for wannabe beginner lace knitters like me. Check it out:

Wanna close up?

It looks much better when you pull it out a bit and all the stitches open up. This one will have
to be blocked, methinks. It's been knitting up pretty quickly, actually. Except for the un-knitting. Oh my, the rows, and rows, and rows of unknitting. One little missed YO and back we go. Take a note people, Drink. Knit. Bloody Idiot.


SadieandLance said...

I always find that drinking helps my knitting...in fact drinking aids any craft. Nice lace progress, baking, lace...how many more new things will she do?

Vana said...

Well done! Hurrah for blog updates! I see what you mean now - much less garish than the Knitty clap. Looking good. What's blocking?

Sourire11 said...

It's looking great! Yeah for your first lace shawl!!!!

Yeah I've pretty much figured out that ripping is an ugly part of lace knitting.... I love the yarn you're using btw.

Woman_Who_Knits said...

The lace is wonderful! We have a saying here in Milwaukee, "Friends don't let friend drink and knit" My knitting takes a nose dive after 1 glass of wine!!