Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guest appearance

Sorry about the unexplained absence - it feel like i'm making guest appearances in huge parts of my life at the moment.

But i'm great! The new job is fantastic. It just takes up a huge chunk of my word quota for the day. By the time I've given another chunk to JD ('where's the beer?', 'thanks for cooking/vacuuming/washing the clothes...') there's not much left for this here blog...

But there has been craft - see:

The knitting's been a bit patchy though - there's a shawl, some socks and some baby bits and pieces I finished quite a while ago now, but failed to photograph before they went to live at their new homes. After that there was nothing for a while: I was floating in the black whole of knitting nothingness.

And then the idea for perfect knitting escapism struck:

Return to what you know.

And get some Christmas knitting done at the same time.