Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can you guess?

I've been on a Finished Object high since the shawl. Nothing done yet, but I've got lots on the go. Wanna sneak peak?

There's been some sewing:

Some knitting (ok so this one may be a bit obvious ;):

And some crochet. Some very beginner crochet:

Thanks so much to everyone that left a comment on the shawl. Double digit comments, I'm feelin' the blogger love! I'm especially chuffed cause I like to read all your blogs!


Bells said...

welcome to crochet world. You've been reading my blog so you know I love it too! What are you making! Show more of it!

Lizzy said...

Aha ! Is it the crochet necklace ? Mine turned out lovely and I may make some more for Christmas presents. I also think it's time I started knitting a Clapotis. The yarn has been waiting in my stash for over a year now. Love the colours of yours.

Sourire11 said...

Oooooh is that a Clapotis I see? I have yet to knit that… I love the colors in yours!

In response to your question on my blog – NPR is National Public Radio – it’s basically just news radio but I really like it because they do a pretty good job of being balanced. It’s harder and harder to get unbiased news and I can pretty much trust them to give both sides of the story… And you should totally not be freaked out by double points! The first thing or two that you make with them will suck but after that they aren’t hard at all!

Shazmina Bendi said...

I heart Brownpants! Craft Goddess extraordinaire!

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

Clapotis looks gorgeous. Yarn specs please?

Louise said...

you are so clever! I really like the flower patterned fabric... I can't wait to see what you are making