Sunday, November 19, 2006


The Good.

Shawl number 2 is off the needles and blocking.

The Fetchings are off the needles, ends sewn in, wrapped and ready to be gifted (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran #611. I ran out of yarn with one thumb left to do, but I had an extra).

And eight repeats are done on shawl number 1.

Must be beer o'clock.

The Bad.

Most of this was done in the Emergency department of the hospital. My mum hasn't been well and she crashed pretty badly on Saturday morning. They admitted her and kept her over night and she's much better now (and at home). Given that Dad and MrBP are very squeamish around blood and needles I sent them home and stayed with her. There's not much to do in hospitals if you're not working or sick, so while she slept I knit. We nearly ended up back there on Sunday when I took a stack trying to photograph the shawl for this blog! You can laugh, it's hilarious really.

I have decided these shawls are cursed.


SadieandLance said...

Wow I hope ur Mum is feeling better.

Geez you're a wizz in the knitting department. I notice you took no notice of my advice though!

Brown Pants said...

Yeah, sorry B! There's no room for being logical in this knitting debacle (and I just can't miss a deadline once i've agreed to it) But I did appreciate it :) Am totally looking forward to Thursday too.

Louise said...

Crikey - I have been hooked reading about your shawls - I know that I leave things till the last minute but there is no way I could have managed this lot over one weekend. I hope your mum is OK... take care and enjoy the wedding


Anonymous said...

Oh you had a weekend just like mine! Horrible isn't it? Thank God for knitting in hospitals. If they ever ban it, I'll be screwed.

Hope your mum mends well soon.


Shazmina Bendi said...

Oh BP you are in the wars! Not good to hear about your Mum, hope all is well now. I was thinking of you on the weekend and arguing with myself about whether to call (it will just interrupt her flow of knitting) or not (just let her get on with it, you talk too much!!).
Thinking of you, cant wait to catch up when you get back.
Hearts, Shazmina

del said...

Oh no. I hope your Mum is all right! Good thing you were able to knit & not go crazy with the waiting.

Fetching is adorable & cursed or not, the shawl is lovely. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Sourire11 said...

I hope your mom is feeling better! and I'm sorry to hear that the shawls are cursed because they are really beautiful. I still can't believe how quickly you are getting them done!

miss ewe said...

Hope your mom's doing okay. Fetching is lovely... And keep shawling along!!! You're almost there!

Donni said...

They are DONE! Finished. I can understand the need for a beer after your weekend. Hope your Mum gets better quick.

Nora said...

You did it!! Well, almost...

Which hospital do all the knitters go to? I've been at RPAH (Sydney) for 2 yrs now and I've NEVER seen anyone knit - EVER! x

Brown Pants said...

Well if you were hanging around emergency on Saturday you would have seen me honey! I was wondering if you would be there and if you would say anything if you did see me!

Leah said...

Aw, I hope your Mum is better too! Those fetchings look fantastic! As does the "prop"!

Even if those shawls are cursed they are lovely!

ladylinoleum said...

Sending good healing vibes to your Mum.

Beer o' clock...I like that!

mariannealice said...

Anytime you want to swap one of my crochet scarves for a pair of these fetching gloves just let me know! I am in awe not only of your knitting ability but the sheer amount of knitting that you complete! Those shawls, those socks, these gloves!