Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fetching Albert

I was trying to take a picture of the gloves but my fetching photo shoot was gatecrashed! This is Albert (AKA Alby or Boo.) I've mostly avoided 'real life' stuff in this blog , but I thought I might share a bit about Alby. (I apologise to those people not keen on cats. You can feel free to tune out now or skip to the end! I understand.)

For a year or so Mr BP and I took in homeless kittens and willingly let them destroy our house and all of my stockings (seriously, you may be small and they may be large, but my legs are not trees, kittens! We don't climb legs!) We would basically have them anywhere from the time they were born (in the case of Buzz, she was a hairly slug with an umbilical cord when we got her) to a couple of weeks old, until they weighed 1kg. Then we would return them, they would be desexed, and (i like to think) go to loving families and cared for them as much as we did. This process generally worked well. Until it came to Albert.

We already had two cats (OK, so maybe the giving back part didn't happen so easily all the time) when we got Alby and his two brothers. They had been dumped in a sack at the door of the shelter, caked in a healthy layer of brown sludge. We had them for 3 months and they were hilarious! The middle brother loved cornflakes. When MrBP would have his cornflakes in the morning we would have to lock him in another room. One time he managed to get though the door and came tearing straight into the dining room, took a leap onto the table and then leapt smack-bang into the bowl of cornflakes. It still makes me laugh thinking about it! Alby was sick as a kitten, so we spent lots of time with the Vet and doing different things for him. Having no mother around he thought MrBP was his mum and would follow him all over the place (kittens don't understand 'bathroom time'. Or any other adult time for that matter). There wasn't a lap (kneecap rather) he didn't occupy within 3 second of it becoming available. He was, and is, the most ridiculously affectionate being I know.

Needless to say when it came time to return him I was devastated. A wreck. Couldn't work. Wouldn't eat. Didn't sleep. I was ridiculously and illogically upset. I kept calling the shelter to see if he was OK. Eventually they told me to just come and get him. I suspect they gave him to me because it was cheaper than taking out a restraining order.

He's been my ("our", sorry Mr BP) boy ever since.

Gosh, sorry for all the soppy stories! It musy be happy-ending week or something! I'll try and stick to craft now people.

Pattern: Fetching by Yarn: This was a destasher! Less than 1 ball of Filatura di Crosa Zara in a #1666 Fuchsia (the colour of the devil? Ha!) I got this on sale at the Woolshack a while ago.

Needles: 3.75mm bamboo DPNs. I didn't have 4mm. Oooooh, breakin' the rules!

This is significant because: I know fetchings are all over blogland (i'm a bit behind the times...) but this is my first, yes, FIRST, project on double points. I was a double point virgin. They scared the bejeezes out of me. It wasn't so bad though. I only poked myself in the face once. No permanent damage. Pretty good really.

I've been supervising a student on placement at work and these are being gifted to her. She's on her way to Europe for (our) Summer holidays, so i'm hoping they'll be handy! Ha! Get it! Handy...


Um, and thanks everyone that left a comment about Clap v2.o. I was shocked, SHOCKED, at the response. You made me feel all warm and fuzzy :)


miss ewe said...

Your kitty is VERY cute!!!

Brenda said...

Love your Fetching Gloves, and your kitty is SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little boy. You were destined for one another. :)
It's nice to see some 'non knitting' posts on blogs. Rounds out the person!

The fetchings are great, I'm sure your student will love them.

Shazmina Bendi said...

I can vouch for Albert being the most gorgeous and lovely cat I have ever met. I have threatened to catnap Albert (along with quite a few other people!). I like nothing better than to spend an afternoon in the lovely Brownpants company (how long do I have to apologise for missing our last two sessions?) with Albert on my lap (cheating on Princess Meena) and knitting. Perfection!

melissa said...

aw, that is a sweet story about your cat. he is super cute. and congratulations on your excellent dpn work! :)

Bells said...

Oh cute kitty!

And GORGEOUS gloves!!!!

Leah said...

OMG Albert is adorable!! I love all the pictures of him! Thanks for sharing!!

Oh & your fetchings aren't half bad either! ;)

ingrid said...

I don't which is cuter Albert or your fetching gloves. But I think this time my vote will have to go to Albert only because that was such a sweet kitty tale.

Vana said...

Alby - Sqwee!

Emma said...

Isn't Fetching a great pattern?

As for socks, I think you could totally handle Jaywalker.s It would be a good pattern for a beginner, and if you can do Fetching, you can definitely do Jaywalkers.

Can't wait to see your progress!

SadieandLance said...

I am so in love with my new fetchings! I am about to get to the cast off and picking up of the thumbs on my first one. Thanks for the lesson BP, I am loving it!

Sourire11 said...

Congrats on conquering double points!!! And I liked the sweet story about your kitty… especially all of the cute pics!

Dharma said...

Your Albert tale reminds me of what happened with our last fosters, acquired at about 8 days, one with a bit of the umbilical. Saana and Marcel are here to stay. We were absolutely miserable at the thought of them going elsewhere. Once we decided that a home had been found at our house the weight lifted miraculously fast.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR CAT!!! He's very handsome and looks like such a sweet boy. I love his pictures!

The fetchings are great too!! I love pink!!!!