Saturday, December 02, 2006

And finally: pictures

Ahhhhhhh. Take a deep breath. Feel the relief.

Shall No. 2

Now I believe I left you about to begin the drive to the wedding with quite a bit of one shawl left to knit and block? (That's not really a question, I know that's where it was up to, more for dramatic effect I guess...did it work?) Well the car knitting didn't go so well. I got about two repeats done in a six hour drive and by the time we got there I was seriously starting to doubt that my glorious plans would be achieved. But I persevered. I knitted while MrBP got a hair cut. I knitted while I was having a beer with mum and dad. I knitted while talking to my sister about her latest boy drama (The knitting really helped here. Although at some stage I was concentrating on the knitting too much and just started to say everything that was in my head, including 'Christ girl, how many boyfriends do you need? I can't keep up with them. I'm calling them all Colin from now on.' Luckily she thought it was amusing rather than insulting). I knitted on the drive to the restaurant and the way home.

Shall No. 2

And, finally, I cast off while my dress was being hemmed. I blocked it that night, put a little fan on it for a while, and prepared to leave it there for someone else to collect and bring to the wedding. But something unexpectedly good happened (hallelujah!) It was so hot overnight that it actually dried. I was shocked! The others had taken two days to dry. Finally something was going right! The curse was lifting!

Shall No. 1

We drove to the wedding venue, set of shawls complete. I finally started to think about a wedding speech. But I couldn't settle down, it was too hot to write.

Shall No. 1

Then I's hot. Way too hot for shawls. I'd made a flippant comment to MrBP that wouldn't it be funny if it was too hot for shawls? Hardy-hardy-har!

Shall No. 3

But, like everything on the day, the whether was perfect. It was overcast but warm, and it cleared for the ceremony itself, but not enough to be uncomfortably hot. Then as the sun started to go down it started to get a bit chilly. Shawls were fetched, complementing the dresses better than I could have predicted. It was really lovely.

Shall No. 3

I fell like i'm a bit lost knitting wise now though. I've usually got project after project lined up but I've been so focused on these shawls that I just haven't thought about it. I have a couple of swaps i'm working on which i'm enjoying, but nothing other than that. Anyone got any suggestions? I don't mind a bit of a challenge now and then ;)

Shall No. 1, on holidays.

Thanks so much to all of you wonderful bloggers that sent me good vibes. You rock! It constantly amazes me that people I don't know would be so generous and supportive. I'm trying to think of ways that I can say thankyou, but for now just know that i'm truly grateful. Go shout yourself a beer from me :)

Pattern: All are Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl, by Susan Pierce Lawrence. If you're looking for a beginner lace project I would definitely recommend this one, and have before! It's a really beautiful pattern that's easy to memorise.

Yarn: Shawl No. 1 is Colinette Tao in Madras. I had 3 skeins and had about half a skein left. This stuff is expensive, but it's 100% silk, variegated, and worth it :)

Shawl No. 2 is Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Lakeview. I used about a skein and a half.

Shawl No.3 is Heirloom Cashmino, 7 skeins. I ran out of yarn casting this off! Arhhhhhhhh!

Needles: Shawl No 1 5mm Addis.

Shawls No 2 & 3 6mm bamboo circular

Modifications: Nope, the instructions are excellent and clear. The only thing I did was make them a little bigger. Shawl number 1 was 12 repeats. Shawl number 2 was 13 repeats. Shawl number 3 was 15 or 16. It's a great size. Big without being huge.

I couldn't blog about shawl no. 3 because I was being a bit naughty and didn't tell the bride about it (and made her possibly feel a little left out...I just wanted it to be a nice surprise!) I managed to be (slightly) organised and made this a month or so ago. Not everything's last minute!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for BrownPants! We all knew you could do it ;-) And that's OK, I didn't feel left out, although the thought did occur to me "wow, it's unusual for BrownPants to be making a shawl all for herself". And I'm glad you did. Because you deserve it. And all of the shawls are beautiful. Like you.

Anonymous said...

You, BrownPants, are a goddess. Sorry, that should be with a capital G. WOW! What an amazing achievement! Knitting on the run.

One question: and it's something I've been pondering for a while. You say "knitted". Is it only our American friends who say 'knit' as in 'I knit a shawl' in the past tense? I have always said 'knitted' but have wondered lately if it's not correct.

Oh and as for a suggestion for what to do next? Another shawl? LOL!!!

Sourire11 said...

Yeah for finished shawls! They really are stunning... and I loved hearing about all of the places that you knit them! Also -congrats to the bride and groom!

as for next projects... hmmm... it's summer there right? There are some really cute short sleeve shirts and tank tops out there - I knit the Green Gable shirt (check out ) and it was a great summer project!

Emma said...

They all look beautiful! Congratulations on finishing them . Sounds like they were a hit.

miss ewe said...

They all came out great! You can be really proud of yourself for getting through them with time to spare!

2paw said...

The shawls are beautiful!! I espeically love the green one, did you use 3 different greens?? I love a deadline,I need motivation!
Colin, the name, has never really been the same for me after watching P&P!! Mr Collins!!!

futuregirl said...

So beautiful. Glad to hear that you finished them (I knew you would!) and that they ended up wrapped around everyone (like a nice warm hug) by the end of the night. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. :)

Donni said...

Me thinks that pattern is on my "next to knit list".

Brenda said...

Wow, you've been busy! The shawls all look great, and really make me want to knit another one.

del said...

How gorgeous!!! You did a fantastic job...and I'll be more than happy to shout a beer from you ;-)

Dharma said...

Gorgeous work. I loved the colour of the one for the bride in particular.

Bells - great question!

lobstah said...

Awesome job finishing those up! They all came out so beautiful.

Brown Pants said...

Hmmmm, re 'knitted', my pocket oxford dictionary says 'knitted' is a word... and my Australian little Oxford dictionary says that knitted or knit are acceptable for past particle...So I guess you can take your pick?

Lizzy said...

Impressive ! It was obviously well worth the effort. I love the Tao Silk - it feels divine.