Thursday, December 14, 2006

Waiting by the mail box

There's been lots of swap business happening lately and I've had a great time putting together parcels for some new blog-friends. I've also given strict instructions that if a Parcel arrives at home I am to be called at work and informed. Interestingly enough I have been having 'early' days when there's a package waiting at home :). I got this in the mail from Bells today:

Aren't the colours fabulous! We had a little dishcloth swap, but this is too good for my dishes, so it's now my new favourite facewasher. I broke the rules a little for my parcel to her, but I'll have to wait until she receives it to explain. Thanks Bells, you're a great swap buddy.

I've also been doing a little Christmas Decoration Swap with some SnB mates. This is great fun, but unfortunately I was organising it so it was kind of left to the last minute (no surprises there.) We ended up having a little secret santa decoration swap and I scored big time! Check these out:

Pretty, aren't they! I got a whole bunch of them. My Christmas tree is in the front room though and I like them so much I wanted to look at them all the time. I ended up stringing them up and putting them in the lounge room.

I can't share any secret santa Christmas Decoration Swap info yet either. Soon though!

On a completely different note, I *accidentally* purchased Regina Spektor's new album the other day and I'm loving it. It made me think about what kind of music other people craft to. Sadienadlance and I do some 'mixed tape' swaps every so often (and pursuant to me investigating copyright infringement) I'd be keen to do a craft music swap if anyone is interested. I should possibly check out the copyright situation before suggesting a swap, but if you're interested, or if you can inform me of said copyright scenario, let me know :).


Anonymous said...

It arrived BP! Check my blog! My Brother in law is staying with us and collected the mail today, leaving it in a less than obvious spot so I didn't see it until a short while ago.

And yes, you did break the rules but what a way to do it!

Stay tuned for updates in the mail after Christmas!

del said...

I love those Christmas decorations & that cute cloth!

Meg said...

What gorgeous decorations!
As far as copyright, the Copyright Council of Australia has an excellent website:
or you could contact the Australian Performing Rights Association on (02) 99357900 (or their website is
My husband works in music copyright so I hear a lot about it when we meet new people at parties etc! If you would like more info email me!

Nora said...

Are you in Sydney? Where is your SnB??

Shazmina Bendi said...

Look at your goodies girl! Had a klook at Bells blog and you packed an awesome package. Now everyone can know what an amazing craftster you are!!

Shazmina Bendi said...

ps. you know what I like to listen to when crafting (as it was your influence that started it) Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Fleetwood Mac, George and the Blues baby!!! really into Muddy waters and Howling Wolf at the moment!!

SadieandLance said...

Accidentally on purpose???

Lady you know I like my screaming rock girls all days of the week craft or no craft ;). My new any day of the week fav is of course Feist.