Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh the agony

There's nothing much going on here. I had a bit of a knitting vision when I was looking through wrap style and decided I needed a cape. Every girl needs a cape. So I've been working on that using some yarn from my stash (I can't believe it either) but nothing really to share yet. I suspect it's going to take me a while. Damn cape better come with superpowers.

There's been some bits and pieces happening. I improvised these stitch markers a while ago to use in swaps and for Christmas presents. I didn't have any rings so I just wrapped the wire around some 10mm needles a few times and snipped off the ends. The smaller rings were done on 4mm needles but only once so they made circles. They seem to work OK, but I wouldn't want to use them with mohair or any very thin yarn.

These ones have been made by special request. I found the plastic rings somewhere and thought that would be easier that cutting my fingers with wire. They work pretty well, probably because they're plastic so they're light. Hope you like them Bee, can't wait to see what you need them for!

There has been much pain, frustration and anguish around here lately. It is, of course, time to vote in the Hottest 100. Do you democratic duty to music people, VOTE. For the record, my money's on Gnarls Barkley's Crazy for #1. But One Crowded Hour's a bit of a dark horse. If you're interested I ended up with:

Cat Power - The Greatest
Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down
Pony Up! - The Truth About Cats & Dogs (Is That They Die)
Audreys - Oh Honey
Decemberists - O Valencia!
Grates - Inside Outside
Howling Bells - Low Happening
Regina Spektor - Samson
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Honey Bear
Belle & Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue

There's some Aussies in there (links to myspace: Howling Bells, Audreys, Grates) check 'em out if you haven't heard of them!


2paw said...

Your stitch markers are great!! I love stitch markers, but I just knit them inot my knitting as accidental embellishments. I made some into earrings insead!!!

Bells said...

Aren't the Audreys fantastic!!! I love them so much BP! Good choice. Some other excellent choices. I don't listen to JJJ as much as I used to (listen mainly to podcasts and music now) but I love voting in the hottest 100 so will do so this evening!

And gorgeous stitch markers!!!

del said...

My money's on "Crazy" too--the markers are absolutely lovely!

Coleen said...

pretty stitch markers!

SadieandLance said...

You don't need a cape with super powers, you've already got em.

Thanks for the stitch markers - they're awesome and you're lightening fast (one of your super powers).

Nice H100 vote list. I need to get my hands on some Audreys and Regina Spektra.

Meg said...

I've got a cape on my to-knit-wish-list as well. Someday.....

Shazmina Bendi said...

I am with you on Gnarls Barkley but I have to say I am quite fond of Howling Bells, especially Low Happening. Must be from all the times I have heard it when snb'ing at your place!!! :)
But Dammit, there is no Elvis on that darned list, I might have to go and vote.........

Sourire11 said...

Your stitchmarkers are beautiful! I love the ones on the plastic rings... when I've made them in the past I've just wrapped around a needle, too but the plastic rings are a GREAT idea!